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AuthRight Technology offers a full range of professional services focused solely on identity management solutions. Our services has been tested across multiple industries.


An Innovative Service Company

Consulting, Solutions, Training

Digital Services

AuthRight can offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business. We understand that our success is measured by success of our clients.

About Us

AuthRight, founded in 2014 in Massachusetts, is an accelerator of digital transformation. We advise, train and build solutions to help business seize the opportunities offered by the digital economy. AuthRight’s professional services help clients protect, connect, and manage their digital identities of people, devices, and the internet of things (IoT) through an all-in-one Identify Platform.

        AuthRight is ForgeRock’s global strategic partner.

ForgeRock Consulting​

Our professional ForgeRock consultants integrate our customers' enterprise applications with simple, secured, centralized & immediate identity relationship management.

ForgeRock Design & Development

Our ForgeRock developers develop IAM solution for you to securely manage identity based access to applications anytime through any device.

ForgeRock Integration

Our Open Source integration experts can connect ForgeRock based Open IAM solution to your corporate website, intranet/extranet portals, e-Commerce and legacy solution.

ForgeRock Support and Maintenance

Our ForgeRock team offers onsite and offsite support to ensure your ForgeRock applications are up-to-date and running with nearly zero downtime.​

         AuthRight has designed, developed, and deployed a wide variety of custom software development solutions for specialized business markets. 

Web Development

We offer projects to scale, from simple one-page portfolios to larger websites for businesses and non-profits.


We can help set up data analytics for your products and gain insight into customer retention and other goals for your service.

Professional Services

We move our clients beyond “lift and shift” by architecting (and re-architecting) their software to fully leverage cloud deployment.


We offer design consulting and production for posters, flyers, social media campaigns, and other work.

App Development

We work on developing robust, scalable applications in Android and iOS platforms with native support.

Management Services

Customers expect software firms to do more to help deliver outcomes. Software vendors must therefore evolve their professional-services capabilities to meet the new needs.

Our Major Clients

No matter how many examples we provide, or what we might say to convince you of the quality of our work, those who say it best are those who have already received our services. Below are a few of our major clients.

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